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Dan Sondhelm
CEO, Sondhelm Partners I Helping Asset Managers Attract Investors and Build Brands
Evan is a rockstar capital raiser. He has a strong track record and is impressive to watch. He does his homework and asks tough questions - even before the initial meeting. He turns away most opportunities, even when the prospect believes they are the best kept secret. That's because he knows what his 1000 institutional investors want.
Leila Rachlin
Real Estate Transactions Manager
Evan Katz is a brilliant advisor on alternative asset investments with extraordinary global fundraising capabilities for hedge funds and private equity funds. As Managing Director of Crawford Ventures, Evan has established a vast presence amongst institutional and i family office investors worldwide. Evan is also an outstanding public speaker, frequently leading hedge funds presentations on regulations, compliance and fundraising that are both instructive and enjoyable to attend.
Dorothy C. Nickelson
Financial Communications Consultant
Evan Katz is the consummate expert on hedge funds in the New York metropolitan area. As a result of the Hedge Fund Conference and asset management programs he runs on a regular basis, he has developed deep relationships within the hedge fund community. Evan has been a guest speaker at our Penn Club Hedge Fund Society where his thought-provoking comments and great sense of humor have provided our society members with actionable insights on one of the most dynamic segments of the alternatives world. Dorothy C. Nickelson Penn Club Hedge Fund Society Chair
Jennifer Hicks
Director of Client Development
Having collaborated with Evan on various fund-related matters, I have called upon his deep knowledge in the alternative investment space and capital-raising expertise many times. Evan is not only a valuable player for fund managers and investors, alike, but he is also a strong supporter of women and minorities in finance. As a champion of female leaders in this industry myself, I have sought out guidance and insight from Evan on issues surrounding women in the workplace. Evan uses his experience and position to better the industry, guiding investment fund managers and fostering relationships with the investor community.
Joseph Nodarse
CEO & Founder of Hudson, Riley Asset Counsel, Inc.
Evan is one of the brightest young stars in the Alternative Investment industry, he's an absolute pleasure to work with. He runs a great company and he is Trifecta of "Total Knowledge" "Experience" and "Ethics"
Pancho Vanhees
SAVA Bitcoin Volatility Fund
Evan is certainly one of the smartest people in the hedge fund industry, as an emerging manager, his videos gave me a lot of useful information.

January 24, 2019

Re: Evan H. Katz Recommendation

Dear Sir or Madam:

Words are inadequate to describe the character, qualities and skills of the man that I recommend for your hedge fund.

I worked with Evan Katz for several years at a convertible arbitrage hedge fund for which Evan was a dedicated full-time marketer, fundraiser and investor relations professional for many years. He is a seasoned alternative investment veteran, and has longstanding high-level relationships with very many institutional and family office investors (about 1,000 institutional and other investors, which collectively have trillions of dollars of investable capital, and allocate hundreds of billions of dollars to hedge funds).

Please consider Evan as a potential high ‘return on investment’ candidate for your fund. By having Evan join your firm, you not only get an individual that very well understands the hedge fund and alternative investment industry and can raise very substantial capital for your fund, but also an ongoing advocate who will be proactive for your business for many years to come.

During our time working with each other, Evan was instrumental in helping the hedge fund grow from some $100 million to approximately $750 million in assets under management. I know him to be detail-oriented and timely with follow-up correspondence. He is a man of many talents and backed up by many years of experience in the alternative investment arena.

Evan also is very well-known and highly respected in the hedge fund industry and institutional investor community. He was twice elected as a Director of the Hedge Fund Association, and presently sits and serves on its Board of Directors. Evan also frequently is asked to speak at hedge fund conferences and symposia as an expert regarding fundraising and industry best practices. And in 2011 he was honored and received the “Young Leadership Award” at the Hedge Fund Summit in Manhattan.

I am confident that Evan will make a highly valuable contribution to your fund. And on a personal basis, he is a pleasure to work with and has a very charismatic and agreeable personality, qualities that investors and also work colleagues greatly appreciate.

Sincerely yours

September 3, 2013

To Whom it May Concern

Re: Evan H. Katz

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have known Evan Katz for almost 10 years, both professionally, from the hedge fund industry, and also personally, in connection with philanthropy.

In addition to being very bright (Wharton, Harvard Law School), Evan is driven, highly meticulous, diligent, and has a very sophisticated and in-depth understanding of hedge fund investing, strategies and best practices. In this regard, he serves on the Hedge Fund Association Advisory Board and also received the “Young Leadership Award" at the annual Hedge Fund Summit (2011) in Manhattan. Moreover, Evan has longstanding high-level relationships with many hundreds of institutional and family office investors that allocate very substantially to hedge funds.

Also, I was an investor in one of Evan’s funds. Evan presents very well and clearly, and I made an excellent return. In addition, throughout the duration of my investment, Evan was at all times highly professional, and also very responsive and helpful to my professional colleagues that supervised and were responsible for monitoring my investment.

Personally, Evan is mature, articulate, personable, and a pleasure to know. And through his philanthropic commitments and efforts, Evan also has consistently demonstrated the very commendable value of improving the world and giving back.

In sum, and for all of the above reasons, Evan would be a very strong and highly valuable addition, both professionally and personally, to any hedge fund or other financial firm, particularly one that is looking for someone who knows very many investors and can raise very substantial capital.

Sincerely yours

June 25, 2001

Re: Evan H. Katz

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation in favor of Evan H. Katz, with whom I and my company have worked very closely, for several years, on various successful private equity financings (e.g., two $20 million dollar Series B financings, one concerning enabling Internet technologies, and one for a breakthrough drug company).

Throughout this time, and in every aspect of our business dealings and .professional relationship, Mr. Katz has demonstrated a thorough and particularly insightful understanding of finance and business, as well as related legal issues. Also of great assistance, with regard to securing additional co-investors and high-quality deal flow, are Mr. Katz’s numerous high-level relationships throughout the private equity and greater Wall Street community. Moreover, when exceptionally challenging circumstances so required, and where most others unsuccessfully would have fallen short, Mr. Katz has applied his intelligence, creativity, and seemingly unbounded energies and efforts to do whatever was required to get the deal done.

In addition to his finance, business and legal expertise, skills and contacts, we also have found very useful and insightful Mr. Katz’s operating experience as a member of boards and management teams in the fields of IT/Internet, bio/pharma and other technologies, as well as his recognized expertise with regard to corporations effectively securing and monetizing intellectual property (patents, etc.).

For all of the foregoing reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Katz for any position in which his substantial finance and business expertise, skills and relationships would be productively applied.

Sincerely yours